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Industry Co-Development Model

The founding partner of FOCUS IP, Pharma Development Holding and its group companies has an existing track record of clinical research services for nearly all global pharmaceutical companies since 1992. Drug development projects conducted fulfill current pharmaceutical and regulatory standards applicable globally. Thus, the trust in our expertise is reflected by long-lasting and successful partnerships with Big Pharma companies.

Based on this history FOCUS Innovative Pharmaceuticals (FOCUS IP) has developed a collaboration and co-development model to use it's Early Drug Development expertise to provide biopharmaceutical companies with novel product candidates, called "Scouting & Explorative Due Diligence".

FOCUS IP scouts for innovative discoveries and evaluates their drug potential (druggability), followed by presentation to a potential licencee. In case of interest FOCUS IP, the originator, and the potential licensee will define a major milestone to be reached as the target for exercising an option agreement to explore further development.

To reach this target FOCUS IP will propose and manage a number of translational explorative pre-clinical and clinical value adding studies (paid by the pharma company) answering key druggability questions (Proof of Developability) before exercise of the option.