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Development Work

Our Experts in Exploratory/Early Clinical Drug Development will discuss and define with you the best development steps to reach an early value added/outlicence stage.

Key product characteristics will be jointly identified and the most important questions answered by appropriate studies.

Our development work entails:

Exploiting the Level of Value Creation

  • Creating a strategic development and regulatory path leading to optimum value creation of value added milestones
  • Value driven project management with constant monitoring of value generated by each study
  • Creation of a lean and cohesive, competent management team with multidisciplinary skills via consulting experts

De-Risking Strategies

  • Through access to attractive offshore locations for R&D and undertaking of cheap pilot studies
  • In designing „scaled down“ testing protocols thus minimizing studies to get the answers to key product questions early on

Drug Profiling for Out-licensing of cPoC-Candidates

  • Identification of the „best fit“ licensing partner early on to define the best wanted PoC-product profile
  • Pre-valuation of the drug candidate
  • Pre-negotiation with Partners and Deal Structuring