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Key Investment Considerations

FOCUS Investment Holding respresents a unique opportunity to invest in therapeutically specialized pharmaceutical development projects, highly focused on the development of new prototype drugs for the international pharmaceutical industry pipelines.

The single or multiple project development approach avoids high investments, large overheads and inherent research risks. Following selective in-licensing of new molecules with known biological effect from the FOCUS IP database they manage the value adding development step up to out-licensing to big pharma customers, who prefer to perform further costly full clinical development and marketing in their own name.

The business model offers the investor an early return-on-investment (ROI) by exploiting pharmaceutical product development, where the increase in value, especially in relation to the R&D expenditure, is extremely high.  

The company is looking to raise money  in order to fund and establish new drug development activities like 

  • Funding the existing development projects/own patented product opportunities
  • Investing in new development projects and
  • receiving dividends from existing operation of these projects


An investment in a steep value adding process of a mature and high profit industry with distinct market endpoint.


Substantial and increasing industry demand for new products developed by experienced specialist companies to fill gaps in internal R&D pipelines.

Value Creation:

Developing and manage a series of specialised development projects and promoting their licence and value adding business. 


Secured access to early discoveries from international scouting, wide-spanning industry networks and excellent connections to pharmaceutical companies.


An investment into a lean organization with projects spread across several therapeutic indications.


Significant and early return through short development cycles with high value appreciation, building on a proven business model. Moderate risk through transferring expertise from industry consulting to value generation by the expert principal and his financial partner.

Following execution of a confidentiality agreement, more detailed information, including business plan will be made available to potential investors. A detailed description of the business of a Drug Development FOCUS-IP Roadmap is available on request.