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About Us

Big pharma's provider of proof of concept license products

FOCUS IP is a group of Drug Development Experts performing external Scouting & Exploratory Due Diligence for novel drug products. Our business plans manage the steep increase in commercial value for your research molecule by delivering Proof of Concept stage prototype products for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.


Core to the operative part of FOCUS IP is an established scouting team for new interesting molecules gathered from academia, biotech and pharma companies and a due diligence portfolio. We search for biologically active molecules at discovery stage and develop a constant output of licence opportunities for pharma's new product pipelines.

Originators and discovery companies are encouraged to contact us and benefit from our clinical Proof of Concept expertise as well as our model for joint value creation before out-licensing to our established big pharma contacts.

For biopharmaceutical companies FOCUS IP (located in Duesseldorf, Germany and Basel, Switzerland) offers additional external scouting and exploratory due dilligence activities to support their pipeline needs.

This service includes strategic clinical and regulatory development paths, planning for optimum value creation, project valuation, de-risking strategies, and preparation of licensing packages.

For companies lacking sufficient own expertise and/or resources we perform Value driven Product Development (VDP) bringing your novel lead compound (NCE, NBE or MD) from discovery/pre-clinical development to clinical stage phase IIa - Proof of Concept in patients in a translational development approach.